Inside WhereWuz

WhereWuz is designed to be your private digital location memory tool. With WhereWuz you can quickly and easily:

• Show you exactly where you were at any time
• Display all information on a scalable map
• Show you all of the exact dates that you visited any location
• Display the entire route that you traveled over a any period of time
• Tell you if you have ever been to any specific place, and if so, when
• Determine the exact distance and speed that you traveled
• Share your path with your friends via Facebook or Twitter

• Know where your loved ones went and where they are

• Identify paths taken by employees, to help determine better routes
• Track your personal fitness progress

• Be enabled to run silently in the background of your mobile device
• Be disabled by you for privacy
• Countless other uses


The Power of Location History

WhereWuz is more than just a personal location and path history GPS application. The use of WhereWuz provides you with knowledge that can benefit your life and those around you.


Because WhereWuz runs silently in the background of your iPhone or Android mobile phone, WhereWuz runs unobtrusively. This means that users of the WhereWuz application never experience any performance loss of their mobile device.


Life was meant to be shared, and with integrated with Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter WhereWuz allows you to share life’s little adventures with those in your circle. With WhereWuz you can now instantly update your friends on the location of that great little
restaurant you found off the beaten path, your new personal best time on your daily 5-mile run, or location of that spectacular waterfall you found along an obscure hiking trail.